"I believe most great productions begin with a great story … purposeful writing that is both creative and strategic in its purpose. That story should be wrapped with images that inspire, stimulate the eye and then carry its message to its intended audience. It’s about utilizing energy, new ideas, and a well-planned end goal that goes well beyond the latest editing software or special effects. (Not that there’s anything wrong with either of those.)"

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Rustin Hamilton has guided video projects of all shapes and sizes. From leading a film crew of over 20 while producing and directing national Television spots to filming solo with a camera and a few clothes in Haiti or Africa … Rustin has video experience on almost every level. Here's just a taste of his work.

Who We Are

For over 20 years Rustin has built an impressive resume as a producer and communications specialists having worked in publishing, advertising, public relations, TV/video production and nationally syndicated talk radio.

Rustin started his career as a writer and then soon after became a producer for many film and audio projects including nationally award winning videos such as "Handling Livestock Naturally" and "Buffalo Lessons."

During the mid and late 90's Rustin moved to radio as co-developer and senior producer of a nationally syndicated radio program. He eventually moved back to film where he soon began writing, producing and directing television commercials, some of which can currently be seen on national networks including NBC, CBS, ESPN, FOX, Versus and others. He also returned to writing and producing corporate videos and audio projects for clients such as Pioneer Hi- Bred International, B&W, Pfizer, Dupont, Boerhringer Ingelheim, Kleen Air Research and many others.

In 2007 Rustin decided to jump into television production with the TV show "Higher Ground" on RFD-TV and the documentary "Dakota's Pride" which aired on PBS. He is currently in pre-production for a new show … "Beautiful Farms and Ranches" which is scheduled to begin airing in 2012.

In 2008 Rustin was a thrown into another surprising and rewarding direction when he was asked to shoot, write and produce videos for the Global Orphan Project, One5 Foundation and Global Health Innovations. Rustin has shot in Haiti (pre and post earthquake), Brazil, Malawi and Kenya, documenting the ongoing fight against HIV/AIDS, Malaria and child abandonment. These Telly Award winning productions showcase Rustin’s skill for developing story- based films that both inform and inspire viewers.